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This shot actually made me feel very chilly!
Really lovely in the way it captured the heart of the cold season!
As I mentioned before, this appears to be a similar location for 'Golden Path', with some small changes that actually account for distinct differences. Let's start with the most obvious, shall we? (:

1- The subjects (Theoretical)
Lends a more human feel and perspective to the picture, allows the viewer to connect to it better via the two people walking into the distance. It also is a very dream-like sequence, and I think many would love to wander through such a beautiful forest.

2-Lighting & Angles (Technical)
You really have an amazing knack for this! I cannot get enough of how magically enhanced your shots are with your skill and use of it, or lack thereof in this case. I hope you don't mind me making a comparison to Golden Path, which had a more obvious difference between the cool and warm lighting, and it was fascinating how it was right in the middle of the picture, which really draws the attention. As for this shot, it looks the lighting is slightly more off to the left, which is fine, but if it had been aligned just a bit more, it would have fallen perfectly into the Rule of Thirds. However, maybe the tree was in the way, so there wasn't anything to be done about it.

3-Metaphor (Imaginary Visuals)
It's like a ray of sunshine beaming down from the skies, signalling the approaching end of winter, and soon the seasons will change, spring will reign sovereign for a time. Though it is not in its zenith quite yet, we are still in the Kingdom of the winter wonderland, though we walk ever onwards to the future, we can still slowly take time to enjoy the pleasures of the present, now.

Overall, a most charming, idyllic image that is very enchanting.
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